CMless is a file based CMS intended for easy integration with version controlled, format agnostic content.

An example site might store each page as a Markdown file, with directories to define categories, the entire site using git for version and edit-access control. CMless can serve that content as a website.

The content for https://subgeniuskitty.com can be found in such a repository at https://git.subgeniuskitty.com/website_subgeniuskitty.com/.git.

CMless is kept extremely simple with the intention of being easy to comprehend and modify. See the source code for examples demonstrating how to add a new piece of functionality.


Functions as minimal CMS. Runs https://subgeniuskitty.com. Tested on Debian Linux and FreeBSD.

Obtain CMless at https://git.subgeniuskitty.com/cmless/.git.

See README.md for more information.